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Welcome to the tips page! Here you will find the latest tips on upgrading your vehicles. From cosmetic to performace upgrades, we simply make driving fun.

Our reviews may be biased, considering we sell some of the products, but we install the products we stand behind in our own vehicles, and the reviews you read here are the exact same thing we would tell friends and family!

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Parking Dynamics PD-1 Installation and Review

Ultrasonic parking sensors have been one of the greatest inventions to come along in the auto market. These are the little round things you see on the back of many bumpers today. They require drilling of your bumper and sometimes can look ugly depending on the installation. Parking Dynamics introduces the PD-1, the only parking sensor that requires no drilling, and is absolutely invisible!

Rain Tracker RT-50A Installation and Review

Ever seen somebody driving with their wipers on 'high' when it stopped raining a few miles back? That somebody you? More and more of todays new vehicles are coming standard with auto windshield wiper technology. A sensor is mounted out of view on your windshield which automatically adjusts the wipers speed to the conditions, and ultimately gives the driver one less thing to worry about when driving.

Reverse/ Parking Cameras

Thousands of back up accidents are happening each year involving young children and infants. See how a simple camera install can prevent this type of accident.

How to Tell an Amps True Power

What's the difference between a generic amp and a name brand? On the box, they put out the same power, but one is a quarter of the price! Learn how you can easily tell the true output of an amplifier.


“The Big Three”

The big three refers to three main wires in a vehicle that are easily upgradeable. A must for anybody adding amplifiers, or any electrical components, but can help almost ANY vehicle.


LED bulb swap/ upgrade

The CFL bulb for the auto environment, these bulbs can drastically reduce power use and improve gas mileage.