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3rd Brake Flasher Manual PDF

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3rd Brake Light Flasher / LED Flasher Installation and Review

April 26, 2010

The topic of strobing brake lights have been around for years. Many Mercedes already come equipped with adaptive brake lamp controllers where the brake lamps will strobe under heavy braking. There are aftermarket bulbs that can replicate this pattern as well but can be expensive and nowhere near as accurate. Or there's the simple flasher/strobe circuit from ebay that makes the brakes flash EVERYTIME it gets activated. This can easily get annoying in slow moving traffic or behind drivers that tailgate.

Introducing the "3rd Brake Flasher", a simple but powerful flasher with 36 different flashing modes. The 36 modes can be broken down into 3 sets of 12 different flashing speeds. The difference between these sets are the "off" time which bypasses the flasher whenever activated within 15 or 30 seconds within the last brake press. This prevents the flasher from getting annoying to anyone behind you.

I'll let this video explain it better...

The camera can't keep up with the fast modes, but rest assured they look much better in person. The modes you should choose will depend on whether you have halogen or led bulbs. The slow modes are suitable for halogen, and the faster modes for leds.


Installation of the third brake flasher was a breeze requiring the hookup of only three wires. (power in, power out, and ground)

The kit comes with all the required connectors for installation. It literally took me less than 15 mins to install the flasher from start to finish. The price is very reasonable, and the circuitry is excellent.





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