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4runner dash lights

An LED swap may not be as simple as it seems.

First, it's not cheap. At, $2-5 a bulb, it can quickly add up. It could be a while before it starts saving you money.

Then you need to make sure the leds are getting the proper voltage or they can be susceptible to premature failure.

There's also the issue that these vehicles were never made with these led bulbs in mind. Illumination may appear spotty at times. If you look at the gauge face, there are three 194 bulbs.

  • by the "2" in the tachometer
  • between the tach and speedometer
  • by the 80-100 mph marks

If you look closely they all have a high spot of light in these areas, and coverage is not 100% even throughout.

L.E.D. bulb swap in 1999 4runner

Swapping your exterior bulbs to LED bulbs are nice and all, but as the driver of the vehicle, we don't really get to enjoy it. Lighting can play a big part on your mood, and if your interior lights are boring, that's exactly how you'll feel driving. With the rising popularity of led replacement bulbs, it is now easier than ever to convert your old halogen bulbs to LED's

(sorry, there's no before pics as this was done a while back, when I had no reason to take pics of the "old" green color)


Anyone with a 3rd generation 4runner Limited has probably had to replace their ac control bulbs at least once by now. For one reason or another, it is a common problem with the "electronic" AC controls, but not with the lever type controls.


The white color was chosen partly to resemble a Lexus' interior. It is also a white that cannot be achieved using conventional halogen bulbs. Most of the buttons and icons just showed whatever color shined through them, so it was possible to go a different color.

(The only color led that didn't work well for me was red. I originally had a white bulb in the hazard switch above the clock, but combined with the red filter, the switch appeared "pink". Replacing it with a red led bulb fixed this, but noticed the switch was considerably darker and harder to see than when it was stock)




Window Switches

The window switches required a little more work than just plugging in a bulb. Luckily they were already led bulbs, and removing them and soldering in a new bulb was all that was required.


The passenger led was a flat surface mount type led but luckily, there was enough clearance to fit in the new led.


This completed a swap of all the stock bulbs, but we're not done yet! Check out our write up on the cup holder led's and console lights.


These lights were actually added by us onto this toy version of the vehicle. Previously just a cosmetic touch, it now acts as a pretty decent flashlight!