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Aside from the great products you see here, we also offer installation services. Even if you purchase the item elsewhere, let US install it!

Having problems with your current alarm system? Can’t start your car? Let us help you! We take great pride in our work and treat every vehicle as if it were our own.

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Car Audio
Upgrade your boring factory stereo with an aftermarket head unit to make your music come alive! You don't need to spend thousands on a factory premium system to get a good system!
aka amplifiers. These will do just what the name implies- it amplifies your music, making it louder, but still crisp and clear.

aka subwoofers. These provide the low notes of the music. Probably the single biggest difference you can add to your sound system.

Surprisingly, we don't always recommend changing your speakers first. The reason you think your speakers sound "junk" may have nothing to do with your speakers, and could be due to other factors, such as the head unit, amps, or even the location of the speakers!

Don't get us wrong, we change the speakers in most systems, but it's usually one of the last things we do (unless they're blown, and its required to change). We recommend things like adding amplifiers or damping the doors to get better sound from your EXISTING speakers first.

DVD Players
Add an in dash entertainment center! Let the kids watch a movie while sitting in traffic, or play the music videos to your favorite songs! Previously a luxury item, but prices have dropped significantly in the past couple years.

Headrest Monitors
The best way for your kids to watch that dvd in your car would be with headrest monitors. An overhead monitor may intrude your rearview mirrors view. Kids may not always want to watch the same thing as each other and separate headrest monitors allow you to overcome these issues.

Ipod Integration to factory or aftermarket radio
A factory AUX IN plug is not the best way to transfer your audio to the cars stereo. There are many companies today making ipod integration products for todays vehicles. These "true" integration units allow the ipod to be controlled straight through the radio and its' controls, while displaying the titles of songs right on your factory radio!

This eliminates fumbling around with your ipod while driving, and since it charges your ipod as well, so there's no need to rely on your ipods battery life anymore!

Parking Sensors
We offer "invisible", no-drill parking sensors from Parking Dynamics. This new sensor uses electromagnetic technology vs ultrasonic style sensors that are installed on most vehicles today. Unlike the ultrasonic sensors, they require NO drilling, and when installed, there is absolutely no visible sign that anything is installed! (Ultrasonic sensors are still available as an economic alternative.)

Back-up Cameras
A back up camera provides a visual confirmation of areas you cannot see in your rearview mirror. Studies show that some the blind spots of some cars are close to those of an SUV. Not to mention the new crossovers with the angled backs make it even harder to judge distance.

Even worse is the damage that can be caused by a vehicle backing up. The slightest dents can cost a lot financially, and hitting a child is even worse. These foolish accidents can easily be prevented with a rear view camera system. Click here for more info!

Laser Jammers
We don't condone speeding, but falling into a speed "trap" can also be unfair. Unlike a detecter, these will not only detect, but jam the signal back, effectively disabling the officers gun from getting a reading. No reading, no ticket.

They are legal in Hawaii, so please check with the local law if you plan on using it elsewhere. The ones we offer work so well that Honolulu police officers were getting them installed on their own vehicles during the van-cam era!

Carputers (Car PC)
A step beyond your dvd player, "the last head-unit you'll buy", a car pc gives you the exact same pc that you know how to use at home, into your vehicle! Using a touchscreen instead of a mouse, these car pcs turn your car into a mobile workstation! Hook it up to your cars diagnostics, and quickly monitor your cars status in real time! Add wireless internet service and you'll never be out of touch!

Vehicle Security
A car alarm is only as good as its installer. A well installed base model work as a better detterent than a top of the line system. Of course a well installed top of the line system will work the best! A security system may not only provide security but can also be used to add convenience features, such as trunk pop, or window control.

Remote Start
A remote start definitely adds cool points to your car, but can also be functional. Use it to control the temperature of your vehicle before getting in, or leave your car running while you make that quick run into the store, all while having the safety of your vehicle locked and armed, and the keys in your pocket!

Bluetooth "Handsfree" kits
More and more states are requiring hands free kits and Hawaii is one of them. A cheap alternative might work, but prove to be difficult to use in the long run. Don't risk the safety of yourself and others by trying to save a few dollars. Buy a proper handsfree kit today!

GPS Navigation and Tracking
Save gas! Need we say more? or maybe you want to track when and where your vehicles been, or how it was driven. Know when your teen driver is speeding,or better yet, catch a thief in the act! Imagine reporting your stolen vehicle to the police, while being able to give them the GPS coordinates of the location!

Rain Sensor/ Auto headlamp control
Many may think this is unneccessary, but it's one of those things where once you try it, you never want to drive without it. Luxury models, and even some base models are fortunate to come with these auto wiper controls. An added benefit to the higher model RT-50A is the auto headlamp control, giving you two less things to worry about when driving! Click here for more info!

Troubleshooting electrical problems
Trouble starting your car? Or one of your lights not working? Let us take a look at it. Contact us for further details.

Troubleshooting alarm problems
Is your alarm waking up the neighborhood? Poorly installed alarms not only give car alarms a bad image, but can deny you protection as well. Get your alarm tuned by us today!

Replacing power door locks
One of your door locks not working? Don't know whether to buy actuators or cables? Don't go to the dealer! Let us fix it for you at a fraction of the costs! Contact us for more info.

Replacing power antennas
A "stuck" power antenna may be a hinderance in a car wash, or give you poor radio reception depending on what position it's stuck in. Call us today for a quote!

Custom Lighting
WE DO CUSTOM LIGHTING! From changing your bulbs to LEDs, to adding flashing effects, or simply adding lights throughout your vehicle, we can do it all! Contact us and let us know more about your lighting project today!

Window Tinting
Beat the heat! Tinting your windows can cut down the heat factor and save you money. We offer high quality ceramic tint which is lighter than traditional metallic films, but provides more heat reduction. Save gas by reducing your AC use!

Mobile Detailing
Don't just give your car a wash! Let us detail it to make it look like new again!

Mobile Bedliner Services
We now offer mobile spray bedliner or protective coating for your truck bed or work trucks! We'll come to you!

Anything we may have missed here, feel free to ask us about it. Or maybe you have a product you'd like us to carry, let us know about it.