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1. Mobile Dynamics

Before my professional career even started, I was fortunate enough to have been trained by some of the top guys in the industry at Mobile Dynamics in Tempe, AZ.

Mark Lowe, George Gazda, and Rick Jones... They've built numerous show vehicles, and have helped set standards in this industry. (Mark and Rick, as judges in a "blind" amp test)

I had the pleasure of personally working with Rick Jones on Kyle Running's VW GTI.

"He also introduced our class to the "Grandmother of Car Audio", Alma Gates

Alma Gates

Quick background on Alma Gates... It was originally her son who was interested in car audio, but after seeing him get belittled by other competitors after a competition, she decided to take revenge. Armed with the "Beast" (and lots of ca$h), in its first year of competing, this lady set numerous world records. Can you imagine her driving down your street...

Alma Gates signing shirts

Signing shirts for us...

Alma Gates signed shirt

William Kinoshita and Rick Jones

Rick Jones and I

Tom Gazda Posche

Not really a celeb, but this was the first car I've seen from Car Audio magazine "live". It belongs to the owner of MD, Tom Gazda, and Rick Jones did the installation. Read more about it here.

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