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Originally, this was supposed to be an all Kicker system, but due to an unfortunate break-in, everything needed to be redone.

Rick made a few calls to Fusion, and they hooked Kyle up with a whole new system! With the school semester coming to an end, we had to work "overtime" to get this project done.

Kyle Running's VW GTi Fusion Stealth System


Rick Jones carpeting the side panels.


The right panel..


The left panel. Notice the raised lettering.


Woofers installed


From inside angle


Kyle test-fitting the woofer cover.


With the cover on...


Now it's time to work on the amp rack...


Rick Jones and Richard Yakesh




Notice what a big difference the small touches like the lines made.


Holes for the amp to breathe.


Where'd everything go?


from left: Rick Jones, Richard, Yakesh, William Kinoshita, Kyle Runnings


One last look...